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Yuzhny Residential Area Will Receive New Facilities as Part of Domodedovo Urban District Complex Development Project

On June 24, the electricity was officially supplied to power the Yuzhny residential area in Domodedovo urban district which is under construction.

The network infrastructure objects under the project were constructed by Coalco Development Management Company (member of COALCO GC) and Moskovskaya Obyedinennaya Elektrosetevaya Kompaniya PJSC (member of Rosseti GC).

The electricity supply to the residential area was provided thanks to the reconstruction of "Bor" MOESK high-voltage substation. To ensure reliable electricity supply to the site, the feeding center capacity was practically doubled, from 50 to 126 MVA. In its turn, Coalco Development MC has built two distribution centers, over 20 transformer substations and power lines with 10 kV voltage. The total length of cable networks made up more than 500 km.

As emphasized Olga Dmitrieva, General Director of Coalco Development MC, Yuzhny residential area is a constituent part of complex territory development under the Greater Domodedovo project approved by Andrey Vorobyev, Moscow Region Governor. This project provides for development of more than 1.2 mln. sq. m. of land. Besides the social objects, such as schools, kindergartens and polyclinics, the nearest plans include building a fire department and an ambulance station. Yuzhny has become the first object of such a large-scale construction. "We will use the valuable experience of interaction and cooperation of private investments, contractor organizations and state companies, acquired at this stage of works to realize further plans", said Olga Vladimirovna.

"The total load considering the prospect of Yuzhny residential area development will reach up to 16 MW, and the total capacity during the New Domodedovo territory development will make up about 50 MW, and there will be no limitations", assured Petr Sinyutin, General Director of MOESK PJSC.

Joint development and realization of the project during technological connection of the residential area objects to power networks made it possible to terminate all the events in accordance with the approved schedules. Besides, further cooperation of companies is aimed at improving quality and ensuring uninterrupted electricity supply for such residential complexes as New Domodedovo, Gorod Schastya, Southern Domodedovo, which also make up a part of the Greater Domodedovo project.

The ceremony of power connection. Petr Sinyutin, General Director of MOESK PJSC, and Alexandr Dvoynykh, head of administration of Domodedovo urban district.

Yuzhny Residential Area Will Receive New Facilities as Part of Domodedovo Urban District Complex Development Project