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Let's Preserve Nature Together

On June 22, Transaero airline and COALCO presented a long-range aircraft Boeing 747-400 as part of Polosatiy Reis joint project organized by Amur Tiger Center. The flights of the airplane with such original identity are expected to attract increased interest of the public in the questions of preservation and increasing the population of Amur tigers. The aim of the project is to attract the attention of the world and Russian public to the problems of disappearance of rare species of animals and environment protection.

Olga Dmitrieva, COALCO General Director, emphasized that active participation in environmental programs is a logical continuation of the policy conducted by our company with regard to realizing the projects of complex territories development.

The times when people and tigers were just neighbors on the planet are now gone and we are living in the same house now. And if Amur tiger, which is one of the indicators of the state of natural complex in our country, has problems, it means that there are problems with nature in our large common home. No matter how large and strong Amur tiger may be, it will not save itself. Everything depends on the people who are not indifferent and whose united efforts will make it possible to preserve and increase the population of Amur tigers.

In 2015, thanks to the joint work of the country leaders and conservationists, the number of these animals was stabilized to 510-540 ones, resulting in gradual increase in the pace of their population growth. Such positive dynamics was achieved after the Tiger Summit held in 2010 with participation of Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation.

Let's Preserve Nature Together