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Domodedovo Was Recognized One of the Best Russian Towns for Children!

The Fund of support for children from a deprived background drew the conclusion of the All-Russian Contest of cities "Different Children are Important", held jointly with the Association of Russian Towns and Cities. The contest participants included over 160 towns from 53 Russian Federation constituents that represent 8 federal districts.

Realization of the Russian towns contest was a part of efforts to realize the National Action Strategy in the interests of children in 2012—2017 approved by the Order of RF President.

This year, the contest "Different Children are Important" was focused on overcoming the social isolation of children from a deprived background, formation of social environment friendly to children, prevention of children's troubles and making parents more responsible for the upbringing of children.

The Contest Committee, headed by Deputy Chairperson of the Federation Council Galina Karelova, carefully evaluated the final materials on holding contest events, received from participating cities, jointly with independent experts and determined the leaders.

The winner among the administrative centers of RF constituents was Izhevsk. The second and third places were given to Ufa and Arkhangelsk. Among the cities with the population of 100 and more thousand people, the three leaders are Cherepovets (Vologda region), Seversk (Tomsk region) and Domodedovo, Moscow region. Among the towns with the population of less than 100 thousand people, the first place was occupied by the town of Berezovsky (Sverdlovsk region), the second place was given to Kumertau (Republic of Bashkortostan), and the bronze was given to the town of Stupino (Moscow region).

Domodedovo Was Recognized One of the Best Russian Towns for Children!