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COALCO Will Give a Point of Growth to Domodedovo

The Moscow Region Urban Planning Council approved the project of Coalco industrial park construction in Domodedovo. It will be realized on two plots of land with the total area of 239 hectares. They are located near Velyaminovo, between М4 Don federal highway and Kashirskoe Highway. The project provides for construction of an industrial and logistics complex with the total area of about 1.1 mln. sq. m., which will include warehousing, production and municipal objects.

There is a parking for 2,000 trucks and 1,750 passenger cars. The project will be realized in stages until 2024.

The center of the park will be a production and logistics complex that includes warehouses and different engineering and technical objects.

The industrial park will be named in honor of the village of Velyamonovo near which it will be located. It is planned to create about 7.8 thousand jobs in Veliaminovo park.

COALCO Will Give a Point of Growth to Domodedovo