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Coalcо Joined the Moscow Region Developers Association

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Coalcо joined the Moscow Region Developers Association that united over 30 leading developer companies, the largest participants of Moscow Region real estate market.

The Moscow Region Developers Association is a non-profit organization based on voluntary membership and established to achieve socially useful goals that do not contravene the laws and are of non-profit nature.

The Association was established in August 2015 with the support of the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation.

"Joining the Association will make it possible for Coalco GC to actively participate in formation of a professional community of conscientious and reliable developers, in particular - interact with the regional government on an expert basis and jointly work on the steps aimed at real estate market regulation and development," emphasized Olga Vladimirovna Dmitrieva, Coalco's General Director.

All the Association member companies signed the Code of Moscow Region Developers. The Code lists the most important professional values that any builder should adhere to: conscientiousness and responsibility with regard to the buyer, respect and honest competition with regard to colleagues, as well as constructiveness and social orientation in the dialog between business and power.

The most relevant tasks of the Association include increasing market transparency and the quality of developer product, protection of interests of potential housing buyers, as well as elaboration of legal mechanisms called to improve the efficiency of new plots of land development.
Coalcо Joined the Moscow Region Developers Association