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Coalco Development joined the National Association of Housing Developers


The National Association of Housing Developers (NAHD) is the first organization that will represent the interests of companies that specialize in housing construction on the all-Russia level.

The association is called to advocate the interests of the professional community, making considerable contribution to resolution of the following important problems: establishing a constructive dialog with state and municipal authorities; improvement of relations that regulate the questions of shared-equity construction of apartment blocks; elimination of excessive administrative barriers in the investment and construction activity, etc.

Efficient realization of investment projects depends on the developers in many ways. It is important that the association will make it possible to ensure high quality standards for all real estate market participants.

The Association should work out qualification requirements for developers similarly to the requirements for designers and other construction market participants.

The Association has received the support of the Federal Housing Construction Promotion Fund (HCP Fund). Besides, HCP Fund will represent the association of developers in federal authorities.

NAHD President Leonid Kazinets, First Deputy General Director of Coalco Development Mikhail Viktorov, head of NAHD apparatus Kirill Kholopik.

Coalco Development joined the National Association of Housing Developers